My Memes

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted them here but I think I’ve got a few more since the last time.

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3AM Boredom Equals Snapchat Bullshit

I was SO fucking bored and couldn’t sleep because of the pain in my ribs. I didn’t end up falling asleep until 4am and I was up at noon. MEH!!!

This next one is actually the funniest one because I don’t generally lie about anything but the last time I lied was the day I went and adopted our puppy Tank for my husband!!

He called at lunch and I was in the car with the puppy in Petsmart parking lot and I told him I was at home trying to take a nap!!

I felt SO horrible because I never lie to my hubs!!

So the date should actually be 9/21/2018 instead of today!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Geeked Out My Car Today!

My car is almost complete!!!

Waiting for a black mama bear with two cubs to go on the right across from Gandalf, Buttercup Powerpuff Girl, Breaking Benjamin, Shinedown, and Led Zep and I will be finished!!

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Buh Bye!!

Or people who stunt your growth, bring nothing but drama, weigh you down, give you anxiety, complain too much, always whine about their life but do nothing to better themselves, are always negative, and anyone who gives you migraines.

Migraines suck! ✌🏻

Today I completely purged my Facebook and online friends! I am down from 50 friends on my Facebook to 21 and 4 of those are family (my 2 sons, my Little Sissiepooh, and my oldest cousin) so they don’t count!

I had to block about 10 people’s phone numbers on my phone and also go block them on all of my other social media accounts!

Fun stuff!!

I had 100s of friends on my list before and I couldn’t stand having that many strangers knowing my personal business. I like a small tight circle.

Like the saying goes, I’d rather have 4 quarters than 100 pennies! Quality over quantity!

I was just so sick of the drama and negativity and complaining and then there were some that would ghost me and some I’ve been online friends for over 10 years and they just stopped interacting with me or texting me so bye, Felicia! I don’t need you to survive!

This year is all about decluttering and simplifying my life and that was one of the steps that needed to be completed!

And I don’t feel bad one bit!

Snapchat Sillies!!

After Bug tried his shoes on today we checked Snapchat for new filters!

This was fun!

Also, the first one I am posting, he told me to delete it immediately and even went as far as violently trying to grab my phone from my hand so he could delete it but he was laughing the whole time. But I also knew he was serious! LOL

I promised him that I would only send it to my sister, his brother, and his dad, and that I would NOT post anywhere on social media…

OOPS!! I LIED!! It’s not on Facebook or Instagram or Snapchat, but HERE it is!!


Looks like he would’ve made a pretty little girl! Hahahaha!!

Here’s the others!!

And here’s a little vid he made with me!