Cloudy’s Poetry: Consumed


With an angel’s smile on her lips,

and a mischievous gleam in her eye,

she stretches out into the cool darkness.

He dares to wonder what’s in her head.

You never can tell with her,

he thinks.

One minute she’s a delicate flower,

filled with innocence and love;

and the next,

a dragon,

breathing fire,

ready to stalk her prey.

But, you know;

it never fails.

He always takes a chance.

He cannot resist her,

his fragile flower,

his sleeping dragon,

his place of comfort and warmth.

For she is what his dreams are made of.

She is all of the stars in his entire night sky.

She is the sun that warms his soul.

She is both all that is good,

and all that is true in his world;

yet, all that is wicked and vain.

She sits.

Her smile still covers her face.

She’s calling to him

through the silence

with just her shining eyes.

His Siren in the night…

He swears there’s a halo upon that sweet head,

but maybe tonight,

it’s just her horns.

He approaches with anticipation,


and delight.

And then,

She reads his thoughts,

She makes her move.

She consumes him completely-

mind, body, and soul.

And as he sinks,

into this heavenly bliss,

he does not care if he ever returns.

-cc 12/2/13



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