Cloudy’s Poetry: The Soulmate


The idea of a soulmate is a delicious temptation!

To find someone who completes you?

Someone to nurture and grow with you?

To stimulate your entire existence on all levels-

mind, body, heart, and soul?

Yes, that sounds perfect,

but the likelihood of it ever happening for some-


Most people settle for less than they deserve

and give up the chance to find their soulmate.

They think,

“Who could care enough to help unpack the baggage that I carry

and to listen and learn with me?”

Some will forever be a closed book,

waiting for someone to take care enough

to pluck them off of the shelf,

dust them off,

and study,

and learn them from cover to cover.

And when that’s done,

read them again,

looking for the secret parts

that were missed the first time.

There is no satisfaction in just existing.

We should want to be challenged daily.

We should want someone who will drive us insane

and then bring us back down to reality.

Someone who will test our limits,

get our blood pumping within our bodies,

and someone who can soothe our soul

like no other could.

Settling for a mediocre relationship should not be an option

or in the cards.

If there isn’t a fire that ignites first in our heads,

then it will die out

before it ever gets a chance to reach our hearts.

This is the definition of love.

This is a true soulmate.

– cc 10/2013


4 thoughts on “Cloudy’s Poetry: The Soulmate

  1. Settling for a mediocre relationship is definitely not a good option. However the notion of a perfect ‘soulmate’ existing somewhere in the world is also more of a mythical fiction than reality – you can find more on that at .

    May be, instead of constantly searching for a mythical ‘perfect soulmate’, we should be focusing more on developing into perfect soulmates over the course of a relationship? With some effort, people in a mediocre relationship can turn into perfect soulmates over time 😉

  2. Good pov! I also believe that a soulmate doesn’t necessary have to be a romantic interest. It can also be a friend or a loved one. Someone that you connect to on a deep level.
    Some of the words do, in fact, point to the romance side of a soulmate. It’s just what I was feeling at the time when I wrote it. I was actually writing it for a friend who was down at the time.
    Thank you for your input.

  3. Very good point 🙂 Totally agree with you on that. People can be soul mates without any romance. Enjoyed reading your posts and comments 🙂

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