Cloudy’s Poetry: Memories I Won’t Forget


Memories I Won’t Forget

Iron bar stairs
Race you to the top.
Stop skating in the kitchen.
Girl, you better stop!

The smell of fresh coffee,
milk foaming on the stove.
Pancakes for breakfast and
going back for more.

Playing dress-up for hours,
wrinkling all your clothes.
Wearing all your make up.
Perfume in my nose.

Digging through your jewelry
and trying on your shoes.
Clacking through the kitchen
when you were trying
to watch the news.

Your shawl around me
and your pocketbook
hanging from my shoulder.
Typewriter at the table,
pretending that I was older.

Looking at old pictures.
Photos all around.
The newspapers you would save
spread all out on the ground.

Wrapping paper in the bureau.
Coffee cups on the shelf.
Bacon in the frying pan.
Girl, just help yourself.

The scent of cinnamon gum
while rooting through your purse.
No cap on the toothpaste.
Oh, that was the worst.

The hymns you’d sing
each week at Sunday school.
Gumbo and rice in my bowl.
Girl, don’t you eat that yet!
It still has to cool!

You’re bible you would read to me,
teaching me all you knew.
The knowledge that you gave to me.
You watched me as I grew.

The stories that you’d tell to me.
The places we would go.
Walking down to the bayou
after you’d tell me no.

Spending summer at the library.
Sticky snowballs at the stand.
The rolling cart of books.
Girl, please give me a hand.

The magazines,
the card catalogue,
and books up on the shelf.
Sitting by the fountain,
reading to myself.

The mystery of the library.
The curious little girl.
The books I shouldn’t be reading
that told me about the world.

Running through the house,
telling me I’m too loud.
You were shaping me
into the woman I am.
I hope that you’d be proud.

Memories are forever.
The things I won’t forget.
Even the smallest detail,
Forgotten, I won’t let.

I know you’re with me here right now.
I feel you with me still.
You’re the voice inside that comforts me
when my battle’s all uphill.

Sometimes I’m still that little girl.
I feel scared and I’ve lost my way.
Times like this I think of you
And wonder what you’d say.

You watch me from above
year after year.
You tell me to be strong
and keep my heart filled with cheer.

You are my angel up in heaven.
You’re with me until the end.
You are my grandmother.
But most importantly,
You are still my best friend.

-cc 4/5/14


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