Cloudy’s Poetry: Blurred Lines

I’m aware it doesn’t rhyme. I don’t fucking care.

Jagged lines across her legs
Like jagged cuts across her heart.

Deep words cut into flesh.
The pain she feels inside bleeds out.
The thoughts and hurts in her heart are still so fresh.

The dark red blood
beads up from the slice.
The intent was to cut
just once, maybe twice.

Once maybe twice
becomes seven or eight.
Lines become replaced
by words now written;
Across her thighs

Great long and deep cuts.

Words that hurt,
Words that she was called;
Getting the pain out
was all she cared about.

Seeing those words
written out in her flesh
brings with it
the pain of memories
she’d rather live without.

Pain in her heart
Pain in her mind
Ripping her apart
Just one more time.

One more time
She says to herself
One more time
To watch the blood seep
from her flesh.

Two more times
Just one more line

Three more times
Look how they shine.

Sneaking in the night
When all are asleep.

She doesn’t feel guilty
She doesn’t feel shame.

They say just stop cutting
Stop taking the blame
Of things that are past
Memories long gone

But memories last
They won’t go away
You can preach
all you want
She won’t listen
to what you say.

The demons inside
Screaming to get out
Just one more line
Good girl, they shout.

These moments alone
These moments she dreads
Become second nature
Forget what you said.

She wants to feel pain
She wants to get it all out
Her tears fall like the rain
When she takes the blade out.

Her soul feels like it’s dead

The cutting means everything
Everything that you called her
The cutting means hurting
For everyone that didn’t
stand beside her.

When will it end.
It’s an addiction she said
She knows she won’t stop
It’s second nature now

She says one more cut
One more letter
One more memory
Then things might get better

She longs for that day
After the words are all said
She prays for the hour
That the memories become dead.

Help her she cries
She doesn’t want to die
Hell is a place
Very real to her now

Hell upon earth
She knows all to well
Hell written out on her legs
With a razor of truth

Take it away
All the pain that she feels

She drops to her knees

Take it away
I don’t want it anymore

Just one more
They say

She’s wishing for power
To fight the demons
That hold her captive

One day she will stop
And see the scars
She has made

One day it will end
And those demons
she’ll send
Back to hell
Where they came

She will win this game
She will win this fight
She won’t cut anymore

A free bird from her cage
She’ll take off in flight.

She longs for that day
She wonders when
All the pain will come out
And all this will end

She will be so much happier
She will smile once more
Be gone she says
No more blood on the floor.


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