Article: Depression and Dealing with Black or White Thinking

If you’re familiar with depression, you’re familiar with black and white thinking, or thinking in absolutes such as, “I can’t do anything right.” I find that even when I am not in a depressed state, noticing black or white thinking can be one of the first signs that my mood is starting to wobble. I’ve learned that with mood, I’d rather address a slightly low mood from the get-go than wait until I have to dig myself out of a deeper depression. And the key with addressing black and white thinking is to move from black and white to gray. Black and white is limited. Gray embraces the range of possibilities.

Black and White Thinking: When It Feels Like All Is Lost
I had the chance to try this the other day when I went outlet shopping with some friends. The day started out sunny, as did my mood. That is, until we got to the shops and everything I tried on looked funky. Either too tight or too big – one extreme to the other – and so went my mood, to black and white ruminations. According to my brain, all was lost. I would never find clothes that looked nice on me again. It was all my fault for not keeping in better shape. Why bother going clothes shopping at all?

Head off Depression by Combating Negative Thoughts

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