So Far Today…

I’ve been out go to get Starbucks, came home and washed two loads of laundry, cleaned out a bag full of trash from spare room, and re packed three boxes. I need hubs to go through blankets and the air mattresses. He needs to decide which blankets to keep and where he wants to put the mattresses.

I need packing tape and a few more boxes to pack up my stuff. He has to clean the rest of the pack rat mess up. None of it is mine. And he thought all the crap was going to be mine. Uh nope! LOL

A lot of it is toys that needs to be put in Mini’s room but we need to clean and rearrange his room first.

I’m sleepy and hungry but waiting for Mini to wake up. I promised I would take him to Burger King to play once he was awake. I know soon as I eat something here he will wake up.

Okay, that’s my update for now.

More later.


9 thoughts on “So Far Today…

  1. I really have too many. It depends on my mood. Today I got an iced white mocha. Usually I get iced coffee with whole milk and no sweetener. My other faves are greet tea latte and chai lattes.
    What about you?

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