Cloudy’s Poetry: Drowning

The rain
It falls
Like tears
Down my face

The rain
It’s cold
In my bones

The rain
It falls
Reminds me
Of my pain

This pain
So deep
It’s flooding
Over me

My head
Points up
I’m trying
Not to drown

These tears
This rain
A perpetual
Death pool

Look down
I’ll drown
I’ll choke

This rain
It falls
All of me

Will it stop
Where’s my

I’m cold
And shivering
I need someone
To cover me

Envelope me
In warmth
Stop the rain
From beating down
On my head

No one
This rain
Will never end

No one hears
Me screaming
No one comes
To my aid

I’ll drown
No one will notice
I’ll be lost
Inside the pool

No one cares
It’s me against
the world.
-JennDeo 6/26/14


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