Conflicted: Of Two Minds

I know u out a lot of devotional and Christian posts on here and I know I put some real not so religious posts too.

This blog was never intended to be religious only. It was and is intended to be an extension of myself and what is going on in my brain and in my life.

It is directly related to what I see, hear, read, and experience on a daily day.

If some want to call me a hypocrite then that’s your right. I’m just being real to myself and this blog.

No one said you have to read it.

Everyone struggles at one time or another and I’m so low all the time that it’s nice to occasionally post inspirational and godly devotions to try to pull me out of my funk.

That’s that. That’s me. I won’t change for anyone- especially here in my own personal blog.


Penny for Your Thoughts?

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