The Beginnings of Another Boring Day

I think today will be much more boring than yesterday was. I’m up too early again and with nothing to do.

I don’t even have anything to write about on here. That’s bad.

My mind just seems to be numb right now. It’s as if I am in a hazy dream and I’m just floating.

Hopefully something happens later that is worth writing about.


4 thoughts on “The Beginnings of Another Boring Day

  1. Just letting you know I stopped at y local Starbucks and they didn’t have the cream soda. They had root beer, lemonade and one other flavor that I cannot remember right now. The lady was talking to me about figuring out how they would even make a cream soda one haha. I ended up just getting my Valencia orange refresher.

  2. Oh damn!! I could’ve sworn it was cream soda! I’m sorry. It was another clear drink. Maybe ginger ale? Cream soda would’ve been better.

  3. Yes!!! It was ginger ale! Good job girl, I couldn’t remember for the life of me. & you and I both know cream soda is way better than ginger ale

  4. LOL yes!! It is much better!! I don’t see how they can make rootbeer and ginger ale and not cream soda. I’m wondering if they just use the soda machines like the ones you can use at home. Or it’s probably a pre-mix that they use. Who knows. I’ll stick to my coffee and chai. 😉

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