Cloudy’s Poetry: Washed Away

I know I posted this one before but it fits today.


I know
What I want
I can see it
So clear

But what
Can I do
When my brain’s
Not all here?

I long for
The warm sunshine
And skies
That are blue

This darkness
Inside me
Is a cold
And stifling
Black hue

Hopeful thoughts
Go up
Dark bitter rain
Comes down

I hear the boom
Of the thunder
All around

Something gets
My attention
Something stirs
From within

The distorted hums
Of my mind
Let the screaming begin

There’s a battle
Brewing inside me
I’m trying to claw
My way out

My mind jolts me
Says you can do

The darkness
Surrounds me
The blood
Goes cold
In my veins

The night
Takes over
My body
Screams out
In pain

Is there anyone coming
Or am I
To stay

All my hopes
Washed away

-JennDeo 6/24/14


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