Best thing today (besides waking up): making it through a crowded Walmart trip without a panic attack.

One accomplishment for today. That’s good enough for me. 🙂

Actually, today isn’t so bad so far. We woke up early to take ManBoy to his eye appointment. We stopped at Starbucks for coffee. I dropped them both off back at home and I ventured on to Walmart alone. I did the shopping, came home and put the groceries away, and cooked dinner.

So I’d say, today has been a good day. I hurt like crazy. My feet and knees are killing me and I’m walking like an old hobbled woman. I can’t wait to put my legs up and rest with a good book.

Tomorrow, I have absolutely no running to do and only have one load of laundry to get through. The rest of the day will be lounging. I can guarantee that.

My therapist asked me yesterday to get 30 minutes of sunlight a day. She made me promise. I think with all the running and walking today I skid past that one today.

I’m not sure what I will do tomorrow. Maybe sit out under the back patio and read. I can’t stay in the sunlight too long because it makes me feel faint. I have a feeling all my meds make me like that.

I’m sitting here on the sofa smoking a cigarette and enjoying the coolness of the fan. I see a nap in my future.


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