My Today

Here I go again. I’m going to write about my day and go off on a tangent filled with lots of rattling on and on.

I woke up and my lower back was killing me. I was completely stuck in the position I was in. Moving was excruciating. I wiggled around back and forth until I was loose enough to sit up and move.

Took my meds and hobbled to the kitchen to make iced coffee. I put everything in the machine and went to get ice to fill the tank and the ice maker had stopped working.

This is how I knew my day wouldn’t go so hot. I texted my husband complaining about it and he told me go to sbux. I said I didn’t want to go anywhere. He told me to drive ManBoy to the store to get a bag of I’ve. I told him that MB was asleep and I didn’t feel like dealing with it. I just drank water.

I knew I needed to go to the grocery store today and like always, I got too panicky to go. I also couldn’t find anything to wear. I was sticking my tongue out in disgust at the mirror.

I wrote earlier about the texts between me and hubs. He assured me I was beautiful and to not say that anymore. I just rolled my eyes at that.

I woke Mini up and asked him if he wanted to go to the grocery with me. He said yep so I got him dressed and then he says he’s a little thirsty and thinks we should stop for a drink.

I stopped at McD’s and got him a happy meal. Then it was too Sbux anyways. I drove to Walmart and looked at the lot. Too crowded. I told Mini we were going to Winn Dixie instead.

He wanted the race car cart. I hate the race car cart. It is big and bulky and impossible to drive without banging into things. Mini just laughed at me. He thought banging into end aisles and shelves was funny. Yeah real funny. It’s like driving a grocery cart while drunk. LOL

We made it through that fiasco and came home to unload the bags and put them away.

I read for a little while and then started cooking. After that Mini wanted to watch a movie so we went in his room and started the second Night at the Museum movie but after 30 minutes into it, we both decided it was too boring so we got up. He went in my room to play Paper Mario and I went into the living room to tell hubs hello. I also went to the kitchen to make more coffee because he brought a bag of ice home! Yay! Score 1 for hubs.

So that brings me up to now. Hubs just got a road call and had to leave. I’m sitting here with Castle on the tv, drinking my coffee, writing in my book, and now, writing here in the blog.

I have a cat needing his claws into my leg and I’m about to throw him off of me. I swear his claws feel like I’m getting another tattoo but this is pain that I don’t want. Goddammit Maxx (kitty)!! This hurts. Okay, now he is curled up in my lap and gas stopped. Thank god!!

Here’s where I start rambling even more. Blah blah blah. I don’t have anything else to do except write. Lovely life I have isn’t it?

So…. What do I talk about? My problems? Probably but I’m tired of whining. I don’t have anything else to do but whine. Let me see if I can think of happy things for a change.

I love my husband. Even though I don’t think he understands me and he is a big part of what triggers me, I couldn’t live without him. I love him with all my heart. We have a long painful history together but somehow we always pull through it.

I love my kids. ManBoy is pretty self-sufficient but every once in awhile he surprises me and makes me smile or laugh or he actually will want to give his mama a hug. 🙂 I think he likes the fact that he is inches taller than me now.

Mini makes me smile and laugh all day. He also makes me want to pull my hair out. But he’s my baby. He makes me happy. The things that come out of his mouth are hilarious and he’s also extremely intelligent. He has a vocabulary larger than most adults do.

Well, I want to write more but Mini is standing in front of me telling me that he is ready for dinner. Sooooo, more later!


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