Blog Post: Sleeping Away Troubles Does Not Get Rid of Your Depression

Those struggling with mental illness, especially severe depression, may feel drowsy and overtired on a regular basis. Your body becomes overwhelmed with emotions and those intense feelings tend to wear the body out. This could lead to constant napping or laying around during the day and the more your body behaves like this, the more used to it your body becomes. (Depression and Sleep Problems) In addition, you may have pushed your struggles or problems aside by sleeping, but once you wake up, your problems are still there.

By finding a healthy replacement for continuous sleep, you can stay awake long enough to think through the struggles you are going through. Positive self-talk can help overcome the demons running through your mind. You can also discover new coping skills to keep your energy up. In addition, check with your doctor for treatment of sleep problems and depression.

Read the full post here.


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