Poetry: A Look Into My Prison, My Mind

By Steve Weygint

“The sadness builds,
The pressure inside
From cells long locked,
The poison resides

I feel like crying,
No place left to hide
Like the need to vomit,
But your body can’t reply.

The pressure builds,
From deep inside
In my throat,
My head,
From behind my eyes.

Somewhere deep within,
Where the poison resides.
I want to experience,
The feeling of letting go.

It’s what I need,
But my mind,
My body,
My soul says no.

Even now my eyes well up,
Wanting to comply.
But that’s as far as it goes,
I don’t know why.

A drop of my life,
My poison spills out.
Like a guard in a prison,
My mind seals the route.

It starts to return,
Deep inside it resides.
I’m just tired,
Too tired to try.

From darkness deep within,
The sadness does win.
But the longing is still there,
To release the poison within.”


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