Now what?

All I know u have to do is make jambalaya for dinner.

I woke up at 9am. I had a fitful sleep. I was hot and then cold and then I thought something touched my foot and it freaked me out.

I had to get ready to take ManBoy to his therapy session. We left the house around 11:15am. Surprisingly, we were called back there and seen rather quickly. This place usually checks you in and makes you wait 20-30 minutes before you are sent to a room. And then we usually wait another 20-30 minutes for the psych/therapist to come in.

It was nice to have the ball rolling today. As I expected, I didn’t want to be in there but his therapist requested I attend so she can learn more about us and have something to start with.

ManBoy was all nope, nope, nope, and I don’t know for most of the questions she asked him and then he would look at me to answer and then he didn’t like or agree with the answer so then we go back to the nope/I don’t care again.

It went just as I expected. lol He sees her again in two weeks. Next week he and I both have a psych appointment on Thursday. Guess it will be looney day for us. 😉

We stopped off for coffee and I bribed him with the coffee if he would clean the trash out of my car. It worked. 🙂 So now I have a semi-clean car again.

We got home around 1pm and I started to prep stuff in the kitchen to bake a batch of jambalaya. It’s almost ready now. Just about ten minutes left on the timer.

I’m hungry as can be. All I had today was the coffee and a glass of iced tea.

Nothing planned for the evening. I probably will just write some more. Hubs is on way home from work. Guess he will put Big Bang Theory on and I will half-ass watch it with him. I love Sheldon and Bernie the best! They both crack me up even if Sheldon is a dick. LOL

So, anyways, that’s all for now. Can’t wait to fix my bowl of jambalaya and sit down and relax some.

Later! 🙂


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