“Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we off might win, by fearing to attempt.” -Shakespeare

Doubts? Let’s talk about doubts!

I have many of them and you know what? They are all holding me back from being able to pull myself up and out of this hole that has consumed me.

My doubts are my fears. I fear a lot. I fear all day long that I will never defeat this depression. I fear that I will live my life like this forever. I fear that I will never be who I am really meant to be.

Now change those words.

I doubt that I will ever defeat this depression.
I doubt that I can change my life.
I doubt that I could be who I’m supposed to be.

They are interchangeable. They are all scary and depressing.

These doubts and fears loom over my head like a dark black rain cloud and it’s as if I am immobilized by them.

They keep me stuck under this cloud and all I’m doing is praying that the cloud dissipates so I can see sunshine once again.

But I can’t and I think that I won’t. That’s the doubt right there.

My fears and my doubts are dangling participles dancing above my head.

When can I reach above and grab them so I can complete my sentence and move on?

Damn these doubts and fears.


Penny for Your Thoughts?

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