“I am seeking. I am striving. I am in it with all my heart.” -Van Gogh

I haven’t much updated what is going on in my world in the last few days. I’ve mostly just slept. Without my Mini here the days seem to just drag by. I miss him so much.

And I know he misses me. He calls and texts me all day long. He said he’s not happy because he’s not home. 😦

He was supposed to be home today but his dad can’t make the drive back down until Thursday. So, Mini is stuck there complaining to me about it.


As soon as he comes home, we need to go school shopping because school starts on the 7th. I hate rushing at the last minute. Shit. I hate shopping period!!

I don’t look forward to the crowded stores with all of the crazy people.

Nothing much else for me. I’m just being quiet. And lazy… A bump on a log. Still no motivation. I’m getting sick of it!

Anywho, I got nothin’ else. LOL



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