I did end up emptying and reloading the dishwasher. I put a batch of clothes in the washer but didn’t run it. Close enough right??

I made and ate lunch and then spent about an hour and a half calling various doctors to make appointments.

I cooked dinner and now I’m back in my quiet, cool bedroom. I’m not sure yet if I will fall asleep. I just like to be in here. It’s the only room in the house where I can relax.

Hubs will be coming home shortly but I don’t feel like going through a night of sitting on the sofa with the tv on. Did I mention that I don’t watch tv? I don’t even know how to work the remote. I’d rather read or listen to music. Tv makes my head feel like it is going to explode. I already permanently hear a tv static in my head. Ah the lovely voices.

I know if I go to sleep right now though that I will be up somewhere around midnight. I’m not sure I want to be up later. I’m just generally tired. Well, in always tire but it’s been worse these past few weeks. Just from standing by the dishwasher and the bending and lifting to empty and load it has put my back in pain. It really sucks when you have to go through all of these pains and there’s basically nothing that you can do about it.

It makes me thankful for the good days even when I don’t have them often at all.

Anyway, just wanted to update my chores for the day. I did more today than I did yesterday. lol


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