Forgiveness vs Healing

Forgiveness us one if the primary mantras preached by the underground spirituality movement. That is not to say that forgiveness is a bad thing, but it’s not the first place to go after an abusive relationship or a traumatic experience.
Healing is.
Putting our focus on forgiving a wrong doer before we have actually worked through our anger and our pain is another way the new cage movement sidesteps their own unresolved shadow and the principles of accountability.
I know someone who had been stabbed by a lunatic and while they were bleeding, they were doing a forgiveness mantra for the stabbed. Good thing there was someone else there to call an ambulance or they would’ve died.
When it comes down to it, healing and forgiving ourselves is the important step. If forgiveness of others arises organically, so be it.
If it doesn’t, it’s not important. We are not responsible for those who wound us. They can take that up with god.
-Jeff Brown


One thought on “Forgiveness vs Healing

  1. Great post. It took me a long time to understand that forgiving doesn’t mean forgetting. And it’s not meant for the other person, it means its time for me to move on.

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