Article: Difference Between Self-harm and Suicidal Behavior

Many individuals believe that self-harm and suicide are directly linked but, in fact, this is not the case. In all honesty, self-harm and suicidal behaviors are completely different. Unfortunately, it is common for these two behavioral disorders to get grouped together because they both have something to do with inflicting pain on oneself. Additionally, there are some instances when an individual who self-harms will end up committing suicide. The simplest way to put it is that, generally those who self-harm do not wish to kill themselves, while suicide is a way of ending life.

Self-harm vs Suicide

The most glaring difference between self-harm and suicide is intent. The underlying mindset of those who are suicidal and those who are engaging in self-harm is very different. In other words, suicidal individuals see no other way out from whatever is causing them great distress and so they choose to end their own life. Those who are thinking about suicide are experiencing life stressors and, in some cases depression, in which they are unable to escape from. Suicide is an attempt for these individuals to escape the pain and suffering they are feeling. These individuals feel worthless and have lost all hope that things will ever get better.

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