I did end up taking a nap but before that I finished my coffee and ate breakfast. And then my stupid ass DID decide to get on the elliptical. I did the elliptical for exactly three minutes and then I died! *___________*

I felt like someone was hitting my knees hard with a hammer. God, I think I need new ones.

I just woke up and had lunch. I made coffee and here is where I discovered that I can’t make coffee. My coffee is disgusting. Every 3 pots out of 100 may taste so-so. I make shitty coffee!

I MAKE SHITTY COFFEE!!!! There! I said it!! And I can’t walk or do the elliptical. Apparently I can’t chew apples either because now my teeth are killing me from biting into the pieces and my jaw hurts. Maybe I should just go back to bed. I surely am not going to finish my shitty coffee!! And it’s a shame too. I bought a bag of yummy Gevalia coffee and I RUINED IT!!! For shame!!

Mini will be getting off of the bus in a few minutes. It’s Friday so he will come barging in asking for all of his electronics that he’s not allowed to play during the school week. Maybe I will hide them from him and make him find them. Nah… Don’t want 8 year old attitude!!

Wonder if I can just take another nap. I did load the dishwasher and I did die on the treadmill so it’s not like I didn’t do anything today.


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