This is how I feel in my current state. I feel as though I am floating in a bubble and I can see and hear everything going on but it is all out of focus and I’m really not caring to adjust the focus to see and hear properly.
I feel like I’m alone and my head has all of this static in it but it’s muffled and all I think about is just sitting there still doll-like or asleep.
Someone could be talking to me and I swear I won’t hear a word that they are saying but then I don’t even remember what I was thinking about while they were talking.
I’m numb. It’s the feeling of prickly fingers and toes when they fall asleep. You can feel them there and they are heavy but they are of no use.
I feel myself here. I know I’m breathing. I know I’m alive, but I am of no use. I’m just a lump… A living doll.


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