Depression is So Underrated

Do you have any idea what it’s like to not want to get out of bed every morning, not wanting to deal with all of the bullshit outside your bed?
Do you even know what it feels like to feel completely alone while you know There are millions of miserable people just like you?
How about what it’s like to be completely repulsed by things you used to love?
To feel completely lost in the dark and not really knowing if there’s a way out?

To not have the strength to feel like you can make it through the whole day, let alone the next one, without breaking down?
To not be able to explain how you feel at all? To have everyone constantly asking if you’re okay until it gets to the point that no one asks, making you wonder if they don’t notice anymore or just don’t care anymore?
To have no energy or drive to do anything? To feel completely worthless? To hate who you are and how you look? To feel like you have control over nothing?
To know you don’t belong? To feel trapped inside a world full of ugly things but being scared of what’s on the other side?
To be hurting constantly? To know there’s no one that can save you from the way you feel?
To know the only one who is really hurting you is yourself?


Penny for Your Thoughts?

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