Today is a Music Kinda Day for Me

I’m still depressed and spent my morning sleeping and then woke up to move the desk around in my garage so that it is easier for my husband to get it out and into the house. Then I got a big trash bag and removed all the miscellaneous trash from my bedroom and bathroom. I also emptied and loaded the dishwasher. That’s more than I did in the past 4 days. It’s something at least. I know it’s not good enough but I did it all the same.

I just ate something for the first time today and I’m making coffee. I cleaned up some files on my laptop and while doing so, I’ve been listening to some relaxing (to me) music on youtube.

Here’s some music I’m listening to right now to try to relax.


The Deftones is one of my favorite bands and Maynard has one of my favorite voices so it’s a Deftones and Maynard kinda day for me!  🙂


You’ve got to love Maynard’s voice on The Humbling River.  It’s so peaceful!


My Swan Song

The guy who is singing in this song by Absent Hearts is Daniel Tompkins.  He has one of the most beautiful voices I’ve heard.







Penny for Your Thoughts?

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