Friday Funday

Today was a running day and a ME day! First I went to Family Dollar and picked up some drinks and snacks for the boys and then my day started.

I went to the nail salon and got a pedicure, a new set of nails, and a brow wax. From there, I left and went to get my hair highlighted and cut.

So, now, for one moment in time, I feel pretty and special. I needed it. I spent more money than I intended to and now I’m depressed about it but I will just have to live with it and get over it somehow.

It stormed today. Which figured, since my hair was flat ironed and I was out and about. Most of the streets were flooded so I had to take the back way to get back home. It was almost time to get Mini off of the bus and when I got to our street it was just starting to flood. I made it in time though.

I came home, ate, talked to my mama for about thirty minutes on the phone, and then passed out. I just woke up to tell my hubs hello and then I took my night meds. I’m sure I will pass right back out again shortly since I’m taking my double dose of topamax at once.

My mama decided to go the chemo route instead of getting a mastectomy first. So they will be putting a port in and she will be having daily chemo for a few weeks. Then she will go in for her lumpectomy to see if it shrunk and she can get it cut out. I think if not then a mastectomy will happen. I’m not completely sure on all the details. She jumps around when she’s talking so I can only piece it together. She says she doesn’t want a breast removed if she doesn’t have to because it is a piece of her body. I’m not 100% sure what I would do in her position but I’m thinking seriously that I probably would mastectomy and forego the chemo.

That’s my Friday. I really want coffee right now but it’s too late for that so I better just put my ass to sleep.


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