Quick Update

Since my last long update didn’t post and I don’t feel like rewriting the long ass book that I wrote here is the condensed version. The next two paragraphs are all that were saved so after that will just be a summary of Tuesday.

It’s been a long past few days. I last posted on Friday. Since Friday it’s been slow- going. The days and nights were slept sleeping and when I was awake they were boring. I didn’t feel much like even updating. There really wasn’t much to even update anyways.

I did all my running on Friday and then it was as if time just stopped. Saturday was spent doing nothing. Sunday felt like Saturday and was spent doing the same and then Monday (yesterday), was the longest of them all.

Tuesday I went to see my psych. She’s happy so far with my progress only two new meds (zyprexa and topamax). There’s still lots of room for improvement so she upped the dosage on both of those. I see her again next month.

Tuesday evening, Mini acted like he was possessed by a demon and was screaming and screeching and throwing and banging on things. He got sent to time out for 15 minutes and every time he started screaming or banging again the 15 would start all over. He didn’t like it when, once he was finished his homework, he was punished from all electronics. He threw another temper tantrum last night at bedtime when I discovered that he snuck his 3ds into his bed and was playing it.

So yeah, yesterday was fun. On to today. I woke up, got Mini off to school, made some coffee, and got dressed. Then I went and had X-rays done for my rheumatologist. I hate having to contort my body into strange positions on a cold X-ray table. Glad that is over. The copay was outrageous. I really hate our insurance but I guess I better be glad for it or else I wouldn’t be able to go to the doctor at all.

That’s it. I have laundry in the dryer and I’m going take a nap.



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