I’m Still Here!!

I’ve been bad. I should have been writing and I have been a real slacker. The purpose for this blog is to get my feelings out and I should write daily. I need to work harder at this.
I don’t really have anything pressing on my

I don’t really have anything on my mind lately. All had been going relatively good here. I haven’t been hiding in my room. I’ve been out for over a month now and I haven’t really been depressed about anything. It’s a really nice and relieving feeling to be depression free!!

I still lack motivation and energy in doing certain things. Everything isn’t perfect but at least I am trying. This seems to be the right combination of meds for me. I don’t have any complaints. Well, I lie. I do have one complaint. The zyprexa is making me gain more weight!! Not good!!

I’m trying to do better with my eating to try to ward the extra pounds from coming. I’m no longer eating after 7pm either. I told the hubs to call me a fat ass if he sees me try to eat after 7 and he said noooo fucking way was he going to call me that. Oh well!!

In other news, my mama is having her second chemo treatment this week. Over the course of the past two weeks she has lost most of her hair. Surprisingly, she really hasn’t cried or broken down over it. A friend has started crocheting hats for her so they give her some confidence. And she looks really cute in them too.

My husband and I are doing well. We really haven’t had any fights or any bickering in so long that I can’t even remember the last time it happened.

My birthday is next Sunday. Yesterday he took The Mini and me to the store and bought a Keurig for me!! That has made me SO happy!! 😀

ManBoy has a new girlfriend and this one actually lives close. She’s 25 minutes away. They have been spending each weekend together, alternating between her house and ours. Last weekend she slept over here and I made her sleep in the bed with me. They had a good time and it was no big deal to me but hubs said no more sleepovers. Since she slept here last weekend, I had to let ManBoy sleep over by her this weekend. He better have slept on the sofa like he was supposed to.

That brings me up to date. More later.


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