Long Time, No Write

I’ve been trudging along, battled a mini depressive episode, and survived my birthday intact. That’s a good thing! My birthdays have always been bad for as long as I can remember and this one was threatening to turn out the same but had a shift the day before and everything worked out to be perfect. It wasn’t super great but it was pretty good considering all the others have been horrid.

My husband got a Keurig and a vape cig for me and my mom bought a vintage purse for me and took me out for dinner. My mom and I came back and we had cake with the hubs and Mini. So, a good day was had.

I haven’t really been doing much except sleeping. I’m still “faking it to make it” as my psych suggested. I get up, get dressed, and put makeup on even if I don’t leave the house. I really don’t leave the house often either so I’m just putting makeup on for myself. lol

Mini is doing good in school. He got his first semester report card and receives three As and three Bs. I’m very proud of him.

ManBoy has been having some problems with controlling his emotions and in particular, controlling his anger/rage. I do believe that his psych needs to prescribe a mood stabilizer for him. She went up on his prozac dosage and it is NOT helping. His mouth has been extremely flip, he got in a face to face verbal fight with the hubs and I had to get between the two because it was getting very heated. He’s also been punching the bricks and fence outside and our walls inside and has even punched a gaping hole in my kitchen wall. Something needs to be done. He is worrying me a lot.

He had been having a girlfriend for about two months now and she’s a nice girl. They’ve been spending a lot of time together and it’s great for him to have someone to talk to but I think that their little teenage spats make his attitude worse and what can I do about that? Pretty much nothing. He’s almost 18. I can’t tell him that he can’t see or talk to Her anymore. I’m frustrated with this.

I am okay. I’m wanting to possibly go back to work part time but I’m scared. I don’t think anyone will hire me. I’m not reliable enough. Between my bad fibro days and my manic and depressive days I’m scared that once I start a job I won’t last long. I really wanted that job working for my old company but they never called me back. I’m still really bummed out about that. I didn’t exactly leave there on good terms because they weren’t paying me enough money for all of the jobs they were making me do. I gave notice and left but I left abruptly. Plus, the main owner hates me because I get things done and am not a pushover. Oh well.

That’s about all for now. Nothing else major is going on. I’m just surviving and going day by day. 🙂


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