Where Have I Been?

I didn’t realize that I haven’t written since Sunday. I just told my husband, wow. He just looked at me funny. lol

Well, there’s really not much of anything going on this week to warrant me writing I guess. My kids are gone and it’s been quiet here. I have just been taking naps, taking drives, and some chores around the house.

One of our cats is going nuts outside of ManBoy’s bedroom door. He misses him and stands there meowing and scratching to get in. He’s doing it right now.

The Wellbutrin seems to be working well. I’ve been on it a week and a day now and I haven’t binge ate once since starting it. I’m also not eating as much during the day. I’m hopeful that this Wellbutrin coupled with the Topamax will be the kick in the ass I need to start a weight loss journey. I know that there’s no magic pill and it is will power and hard work that gets weight off but when you have an eating disorder you need a little kick to help get the binging under control. Again, I’m hopeful! 🙂

I’ve been “faking it to make it” all week , doing my hair and putting my makeup on. It makes me feel good to do so even if I don’t even go anywhere. My sister asked me today how do I have energy to put on makeup daily when she doesn’t even have a chance to put on pants (she has a 5mo old and is pregnant again). I just told her I gotta “fake it to make it” and that’s lipstick was actually Burt’s Bees. LOL The lip balm made me look like I had lots of makeup on (pic below).

But, seriously, I feel so much better when I put it on. Even if I don’t change my clothes or I don’t shower. If I put makeup on it makes me happier about myself. 🙂

Now, it’s nice to have quiet time with my husband even if I miss the boys. I love my husband and I like snuggling with him on the sofa without being interrupted by one of the boys. He watches re-runs on TV and I really just close my eyes and relax. It’s a nice feeling knowing that your loved. 🙂

I need to find another series to watch on Netflix. I’m caught up on Orange is the New Black and American Horror Story. Any suggestions? Nothing too scary. AHS gave me hallucinations a few nights and days the week I was watching and also I had to sleep with the lights on so nothing too frightening. I’ve been wanting to watch The Walking Dead but I know that I will hallucinate. Well, shit! :/

I’m sitting on the big comfy chair right now, smoking a cig while the hubs is sitting on the sofa watching The Big Bang Theory. I don’t feel like watching. He watches this for two hours every night it comes on on TBS. It gets boring after awhile. And I can only take so much Sheldon Cooper. He’s hilarious but he’s also an asshole. LOL

Anywho, that’s about it. I’m just sitting here. Until next time. 🙂



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