Thursday Already?

Man, today doesn’t feel like a Thursday. It feels more like a Wednesday! Sure doesn’t feel like tomorrow is Friday already! This week just zoomed on by.

Yesterday was okay. I woke up and went through the normal morning school day routine with the Mini and then I think I took a nap. Isn’t that horrible that I can’t even remember what I did yesterday?? Jeez!!

Well, anyway, I know I did two loads of laundry and I was forcing myself to get through it. I put one load of it away. (I put the other load away today.) Then I went into my bedroom and hung up and put away three piles and one big basket of laundry away that’s just been sitting there for about a month!!! Needless to say, I found a lot of shirts I had been missing! LOL

Dinner was hot dogs so that was easy. I knew that ManBoy had an 8:15am psych appointment so as soon as Mini went to sleep at 8:15, I told my husband goodnight and I passed out.

I was up at 6:40am this morning. I smoked two cigs, took my morning meds, and got dressed. I put minimal makeup on and brushed my hair and pulled the top back. Around 7:15 I made a cup of coffee and sucked that down. Then I got the school clothes out and then woke Mini up and all that good morning stuff all over again.

ManBoy and I left the house as soon as Mini got on the bus. I hate going to his psych’s office. It can be empty as can be and you still have to wait forever every step of the way. The check-in, the waiting room, then there’s the actual time we spend waiting in the room waiting for Pam (psych). The wait is longer than the visit. You would think that an early morning appointment like that that they wouldn’t be so backed up already. This time, the check-out time took forever. And the woman in front of me was standing there letting her two noisy kids open and shut the door and jump on the chairs. Some people just don’t care.

Anyway though, his appointment went well. We talked about his anger and his mood swings. She says she was previously treating him for mood disorder/depression but thinks that we need to go the bipolar route. (That’s what I thought bipolar was? A mood disorder? At least that’s what my psych says!). So, we are starting him on Abilify and weaning him off of the Prozac. I’m hoping that a mood stabilizer will help him better control himself.

After the psych appointment I took him to get his haircut! I showed the pic on my previous post but I’m posting it again because he’s so damned cute!! πŸ˜‰

After that I treated him to a frappucino at Starbucks and then he wanted me to take him to Walmart. Now y’all know me and Walmart. Soon as he said the name Walmart I took an Ativan! He and his girlfriend’s family all exchanged names for Christmas. They need to spend $30 on a gift for whoever’s name they picked. He got Courtney’s mom and she wants a robe and he wanted to go to Walmart to get one. He also wanted Burger King but I told him I would get him a sub sandwich from Walmart deli instead.

We found a robe and got a few things that I needed and then we were out of there! NO PANIC ATTACK!!! Probably that is because I wasn’t alone. There’s the key!

The rest of today is a blur. Oh yeah! I got a package in the mail yesterday! I ordered a package of the body pad toner wrap thingies from It Works and I used one today. I put it on and laid flat across my bed for 45 minutes while talking to my mama on the phone. I almost forgot about that. LOL

I’m not too sure these wraps are going to work. My review on them so far is that they are way too thin, messy, and it’s hard to tell which side has the cream on it because while it’s all folded up, the goo touches everything. I’m not too thrilled. And I did the 90 day thing. I’m probably going to cancel though. I’m not going to pay for something that doesn’t work.

I went to Mcds after that and got a drink for me and two mcdoubles for the Mini. He got home shortly after. Then we did homework and then I was lying across the bed typing this. I needed to save as a draft because hubs texted that he was on the way and I had to start making dinner. I made pancakes and scrambled eggs. Yummy pancakes!

And that brings me to right now at this very moment. I will probably go to sleep early again tonight. I feel the start of a headache coming on.

I will leave you with a pic of me that I am now calling “Alien Jenn”!!

Night! πŸ™‚



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