The No Good, Horrible Day

First off, I’m finally eating today and it’s already almost 8pm. What am I eating?

Heart healthy great tasting Cheerios! I’m eating these in my bedroom, which I locked myself in, because my husband is pissed off at me, for something that was out of my control. :/

I checked our bank balances this morning and all was as it should be. I checked them again around 3pm and two of them were in the negative!!! I called the bank and they said that the California Tax Board levied our accounts. As soon as she said that I started cursing my ex-husband out. HE was supposed to pay this 2002 debt off. HE was supposed to take care of this and now as a result of his negligence not only his son’s child support money is gone, but my husband’s money from his paycheck today is GONE!!

So now the ex needs to replace my hubs money back in the account. Big mess and I wasn’t in the mood for any of this shit today!!

I know my husband is pissed at me so I retreated to my room before he came home. I locked myself in here. I guess my whole weekend will be spent in here.

I’m gearing up now. As you can see, I am tired and not amused.



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