Psychotic, Yet Lovable…


I’m having a good day so far! I was craving gingerbread last night for some reason so today I went and hubs treated me to Starbucks and I got a piece of gingerbread loaf too! (He doesn’t know I spent more than the price of coffee…. Shhhhssshhhh!!)

Not much to write about. Been pretty basic here. No waves. Just good stuff for a change. I’m still so sleepy though. I can’t get enough of it.

Last night I did start my new bottle of topamax. I had to finish my old bottle of 25mg tabs. I was taking 4 at bedtime. So now she gave the 100mg tabs to me and wants me to take half a tab in the morn and a whole one at night. Hopefully the half tab in the morning won’t make me even more sleepy.

Mini went Christmas shopping at school yesterday. Each year they set up a mini store in the library for the kids to shop for Christmas gifts for their family. I gave him $20 with a note for $5 each for me, ManBoy, Hubs, and his dad, Kevin. He came home yesterday all excited with his bag of gifts. It’s such a cute idea! They even gift wrap them for the kids too!

Mini wanted to rush into ManBoy’s room and give his gift to him but he is in Covington at his girlfriend’s house. So he got a little sad. He was most excited about that gift. He said he didn’t spend $5 on each of us. I think he spent the most on his brother. 🙂

He even had enough left over to buy something for himself. Little silly boy!! Gotta love him!! 😉

All of Mini’s gifts have been shipped and delivered already. I just have to wait until his dad picks him up on the 21st so I can take them out and wrap them. I let him go to Kentucky by his dad for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Mini enjoys it and it’s nice to have two Christmases!!

ManBoy already got two of his gifts. He asked me to order these two games from GameStop. I told him I was going to make him wait but I didn’t. He picked out Terraria for XBox to give to Mini for Christmas and he already gave it to him. All I have left to get for ManBoy is some shampoo and other toiletries gift set and cash.

I’ve been wanting a vanity mirror… A lighted one. It’s hard to put on makeup in the bathroom and by the vanity. It hurts to lean over the sink to reach the bathroom mirror if I use that mirror and it’s too dark if I sit down in from of the vanity area so I’ve been wanting a portable mirror to use. That’s really all I want for Christmas. I got my Keurig for my Birthday so I’m pretty happy. Books would be good but I really don’t care. Hubs let me order the vanity mirror that I wanted yesterday!! 😀

Well, it’s almost time for Mini to get off of the bus and I need a cig and also need to go fix a snack for him soooooo…… Later! 😉


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