Happy Saturday

Just sitting here taking a break from laundry and cleaning. So far I’ve cleaned the kitchen counter tops and I’ve started laundry. I have a load in dryer and one in washer. I have dishes soaking in the sinks and a load going in the dishwasher. I cleaned the end tables off in the living room. I still need to sweep the kitchen and clean the kitchen table off. I dread the laundry only because I hate putting everything away. When I stand there my lower back starts to kill me where I feel like I’m just going to keel over. Oh the lovely part of having arthritis and fibro!

I’m sitting here smoking a cig and I have a sleeping cat in my lap. I just heard the dryer stop. Maxx isn’t going to be happy when I throw him off of my lap. lol

I’m here alone today. Hubs and Mini left about an hour ago to go to a birthday party. I am proud of my hubs because he didn’t even ask me to go. He knew I would say no so he didn’t even expect me to go. That shows me he is listening a little. It’s his cousin’s little four year old girl’s party. I don’t know any of them and if I would have went I would have had panic attacks out of this world. Instead I stayed here to clean up some. Hubs originally wanted me to fill my gas tank up and go see my mama but I said no because my dad would be home and I can’t go there when he is home. He hates me and doesn’t want to be around me or have anything to do with me. No problem. Doesn’t hurt my feelings.

My mama went to see the wound care specialist on Friday and they said she needs to be in the hospital for 3-4 weeks until the ulcers on her feet heal. She’s just waiting on her insurance and doctor to coordinate it. Once she is in the hospital then I will go visit her. I’m not stepping foot in her house when my daddy is there. Nope.

I feel so bad for my mama. I think she doesn’t deserve all of this pain on top of the cancer. She’s suffering. When someone touches the wounds she screams and cries. They gave her pain meds but they aren’t strong enough and all of the home health says she needs something for anxiety too. My mama is one tough cookie but this is cracking her open. If I could take away her pain I would.

Today I feel good. No depression. I’m okay. Not really thinking of anything. Well, I do have one thing on my mind but I will write about that later. I’m still thinking about it.



2 thoughts on “Happy Saturday

  1. Happy Saturday 🙂 Not doing too badly here either. Must be a housework kind of day! I think that is so neat that your husband understands enough to not put pressure on you. My family is all in Illinois having a party for my grandma today. I wanted to go, but I knew there would be at least 25 people there and I wouldn’t do so well with the social phobia. Sucks because it’s my own family and I miss them very much. We did the whole video chat thing though and my father took the Ipad around and I said hi to everyone that way. Was really cool. Funny, I still had anxiety and it was a video chat! Sorry to hear about your mom, that sounds awful. I hope they get it all worked out for her, she doesn’t deserve to be in that much pain.
    Big hugs for a decent day,

  2. Yes, it was so nice that he didn’t ask me to go! That’s good that you were able to stay home and still interact! I would have had anxiety on a video chat too! I hate the phone so I know video would be much worse for me! Thanks for the well wishes for my mama and big hugs to you as well!!

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