I Miss My Husband

This is the other topic I mentioned in the previous post that I wanted to write about. It deserves its own post.

I miss my husband. I feel like we have just become roommates and I feel kind of lonely now and I’m wondering if he is feeling the same.

He doesn’t sleep in the bed with me. He says he hates that bed and can’t get comfortable in it so he sleeps on the sofa. I always ask him to sleep with me and sometimes he tries but he always ends up getting back up and going to the sofa.

I go to bed early. I get Mini to bed and I’m in bed between 8:30-9:30 and he stays up late watching tv. I am too tired to stay up and plus that sofa is so uncomfortable to me that I always end up hurting once I get off of it. I try to snuggle with him when he comes home. I don’t watch tv (except Once Upon a Time and American Horror Story) and he loves tv. So it’s hard for me to just sit there and pay attention to the tv while still trying to spend time with the hubs.

We don’t go anywhere out alone together anymore. In fact, I think it’s been almost a year since we’ve seen a band play and we haven’t been out alone to eat dinner in years. The kids are always with us. I think the only thing that we’ve done alone was go to Walmart. That’s not too damned romantic now is it?!

And sex…. We don’t have it often. Now I know my meds have made my drive cut down drastically but I still want to please my husband. It’s hard to get into the mood and have alone time when I’m either sleeping too early or he is asleep on the sofa.

I just really miss my husband. And I’ve asked him how he felt about this and I really don’t get an answer. I know he has to be feeling at least some of how I feel. After all, he is a man… I don’t even know what more to write. I just really miss physical contact with him. And not just sex.

Something has to change.


2 thoughts on “I Miss My Husband

  1. When you move in and have kids you’ve got to take time for the relationship…or it will fail…one night a week the kids go elsewhere…that night is for your fantasies…if not for being sexual…it’s for being sensual…the first such night is his…you do whatever he likes…put out even if you’re not in the mood…the next such night is yours for whatever you please 😉

  2. Yeah, that’s not happening! Would be nice but hubs wouldn’t go for that and we never have babysitters for Mini anyways. When he goes by his dad’s hubs and I do nothing special. He’s not into all the special, sensual, let’s take care of each other stuff!

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