Good Morning!

Happy Monday!
I thought it was Sunday! I woke up and looked on the sofa expecting to see hubs sleeping and he wasn’t there. I thought he was on a road call. It took me three hours to realize it was Monday and he was at work!! WTF?? How did I miss a day??

Oh well! I’m up. Meds downed. Dressed. Makeup. Second iced coffee. Cats fed. Now what? I guess I will wash the hub’s uniforms but then what? I could go back to sleep but I really don’t feel like it.

Mini headed out this morn for Orlando with his dad. I let him sleep with me so his dad could sleep in his bed. I literally had ________ only <—-that much room on the bed. He slept way beyond the middle of the bed so you can imagine how much sleep I got and how my body aches today. It was worth it. I love my Mini. I hate to see him go though. Now I'm all alone.

The house is too quiet. I miss my two buttheads. Like I said, ManBoy is gone until New Year's and I drive to Mobile to pick up Mini on the 26th.

I'm debating whether or not I am going to cook for Christmas or not. I kind of want to because I'm in the mood for a baked ham and baked macaroni but it doesn't make sense to cook all of that food for me and hubs to eat when it's just me and him. One thing deterring me from the idea is the crazy notion of having to go to Walmart or the grocery to buy the food!! I would have to be insane to step inside Walmart this close to Christmas. I actually just texted hubs to ask him. He responded “sammiches”. Jeez!! Now he makes me want to get up and go to the store right this minute and buy something!! I’m trying to think… What do I have in the freezer that would be suitable for Christmas dinner?? Um…. Oh! I have a big pork roast that I can cook!! That will work! I will put it in the crock pot with some carrots and potatoes and onions. Perfect. At least it’s better than bologna sandwiches! Ugh

I’ve been writing this for about two hours now! I started this one way before I posted the ManBoy and Conversations with My Son posts!! LOL I’ve been hitting draft and save as I’ve been walking around doing stuff and smoking and taking a break to eat some lunch. I just ate the rest of the leftover beef stew from Saturday and I washed the crock that it was in. I’m debating on whether or not I want a third iced coffee or not. Oh shit!! Never mind!! We have no ice! Shit fuck!!!!!!! I used the last of it for the last coffee. Man! That bites ass!! 😦 I really need to pick up some ice trays next time I’m out. I keep forgetting. Our ice maker has gone kaput. It makes ice when it feels like it and sometimes it makes this big iced mountain where the water must leak out and freeze. It’s very annoying when you need ice and you reach in there for some and you feel the tray and no Ice. Note to self::: BUY ICE TRAYS!!!

I feel like I want to do something besides just sit here on the sofa. A ride maybe? Nah… I don’t have any place to go and I don’t have any cash. A nap is starting to sound good but I just don’t think I will be able to get my body to fall asleep and I will just frustrate myself. Dammit!! I guess I’m finished writing and I will just go try to find something to do with myself.

Later taters!


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