Home Now

I’m home now. I sat there for three hours getting the highlights. My ass hurts from sitting so long. It’s numb. That doesn’t make sense. If it’s numb how can I feel it to hurt? Whatever… It hurts. lol

I stopped and got Chinese. Came home and ate and then unloaded and loaded the dishwasher and now I’m sitting here thinking about going to Starbucks for a peppermint mocha. I’m too lazy to move out of my chair though. You don’t realize it but sitting there in the salon for so long really makes you tired. Well, at least it makes me tired.

I stopped off at Family Dollar on the way home and bought some wrapping paper and gift bags and I picked up a scooter for Mini. He’s using one that’s old and the handles are worn off. This kid won’t ride his bike. He’s 8 (almost 9) and won’t learn to ride without the training wheels and won’t even sit on it. He says the scooter is faster. He’s such a wimp some times. He’s just scared of falling. I know it. He doesn’t like to be dirty or to be hurt. This just frustrates me because I learned to ride without the training wheels when I was 4. The next door neighbors were twins girls a year older than I was and I wanted to do everything they did. I was definitely a tomboy. My boys aren’t.

I came home and my bedroom door was closed. I couldn’t open it. The carpet was all pulled back. Stupid Jinx somehow locked himself in my bedroom. Now I’m hoping he didn’t use the bathroom in there. I didn’t find any spots or smell anything. Here’s hoping. Fingers crossed!

I’m staring ahead of me at no particular thing wondering if I’m getting up or not. Shit!

Yeah, I’m going! lol

Here’s a pic of my highlights. Can’t see very well in the light. I will try again tomorrow.



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