Current Mood: Shitty

I’m in my room… Locked in…. In my own private prison… Not happy…
I’m as sad/depressed as can be.
I miss my kids. I hate Christmas. I hate this whole entire time of year.

Hubs came home early and tried to open the door. When he discovered it was locked he started banging on it saying WTF did I do now and this is bullshit. He said this locking myself in my room is getting old. Newsflash: I DON’T CARE!!!

After that I cried myself to sleep. I just woke up, ate a can of cold spaghettios, texted with my mama and ManBoy, took my meds, and now I’m smoking a cig and then going back to sleep.

So… As you can see from the pic… Current mood: Shitty



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