Moo, I’m a Pig!

And starting January 1st, this cow will start a complete overhaul of her eating habits so she can try not to be such a piggy and actually try to get 100 pounds off! Yes, I know that won’t happen overnight and won’t happen even within a year but I have to start somewhere because my weight is killing me.

I weigh 300 pounds (well, 295 last psych appt. – I lost 5) and I’m really miserable most of the time And my clothes don’t really fit me anymore. Since being on some of my meds, I’ve gained 60 pounds in the past year. I was doing well around 230/240 and even though I was overweight still, I wasn’t as miserable and I felt better about myself and still looked good in my clothes.

The binge eating has stopped for the most part. I think the Wellbutrin and Topamax are doing their jobs! Now to start leaving certain foods alone and to stop eating at a certain time at night.

I know I can do it. I just need to push myself and stay positive. This blog can hold me accountable as well. If I have to write in here daily then I can force myself to write if I was good or bad on that day. Hopefully, I have more good than bad. And I can also post my progress photos here to keep a photo journal. This is going to be hard for me but it will help to keep me going because I won’t want to keep looking the same every week.

And I need to add on exercise too. I have an elliptical and a treadmill and I need to put them both to use even if it’s only minutes a day to start out with. I MUST DO THIS!!

I CAN do this!! I don’t want to be this miserable cow anymore! I just want to fit in my clothes again. Then maybe some of my self confidence will come back. I hate my body right now.

Come on motivation!! Don’t fail me now!!



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