Sitting… And Sitting


And sitting… I feel like I’m in a protective bubble of sorts. I can hear the tv and the dryer. I can hear the outside noises and Mini talking to his game. But I’m not really hearing any of it. It’s just background noise and I’m just floating in my bubble.

I wanted pancakes so I made pancakes. I burned the bottom of the first one but oh well, I ate it anyway. I’ve been craving pancakes all week so I finally got off of my ass and made some. I mixed just enough for two. Mini didn’t want any. He wanted a pink tortilla. He’s crawling on the floor like he’s dying saying he’s hungry again. lol I need to start cooking steaks shortly.

I asked him if he wanted steak and potatoes or steak and rice and he said steak and steak so I guess he will eat steak and hubs and I will eat steak sandwiches. lol

I’m really ready for bed already. I’m getting sleepier earlier and earlier each day. I’m already in my pajama pants. Still have the hoodie on because I’m still freezing.

Mini is still crawling around telling me he needs to eat or else he will just pass out and die! Drama drama drama 🙂
Oh well. Later!!


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