Day 3: Wasted Day

Chalk this one up as another wasted day for me. It was spent sleeping and wallowing in my own sadness and moodiness. The door stayed shut (but not locked). Mini came in and snuggled this morning and I told him that Robby (Hubs) had bought McGriddles for breakfast and his two were on the table. So after snuggling he went to eat those. Mine sat in my room on the vanity all day. I just ate one. I wasn’t hungry all day. I had gone out earlier when hubs was on a road call and brought mine into my room. I also grabbed my Blizzard so I ate the Blizzard for breakfast. That was yummy. 🙂

I went back to sleep and had weird dreams about alien babies. I don’t even want to talk about it. Every time I would wake myself up from it and get up to smoke or drink something and then fall back asleep it was back to alien babies. Stupid alien babies!! Hybrid alien human babies!! I don’t need these hallucinations again. Please god don’t let this be a sign that the alien hallucinations are coming back.

My mama kept texting me asking me why I was sad and if I was depressed. I just kept saying I’m sad in general and I don’t know why. I don’t want her worrying about me when she has so much on her own plate to worry about. I can’t tell her I’m worried about her. That will just make her upset. So I’m just saying I’m just sad and I’m sleepy. She keeps texting Bible verses to me. That’s better than her asking why I’m sad. :/

I miss Brandan (ManBoy). He was supposed to come home yesterday. He begged to stay til Sunday so I gave in. Now I said he’s staying home for three weeks after this. All this staying away makes me miss him. I go past his door every morning wanting to say good morning or something and I realize he’s not home and then I get sad. :/

Mini has been good. He has so much new stuff to keep him occupied and since Brandan is gone, he’s been playing his Plants Vs Zombies game on Brandan’s Xbox live acct in his room so he’s in heaven. I really hate how they made a kids’ game only playable with Xbox live. I don’t want Mini to have Xbox live so he can only play Garden Warfare when Brandan lets him. That sucks.

Remember the WiiU game I bought Mini for Christmas? He already beat it! Brandan already beat his too! Crazy kids!

Oh well, I’m almost done my cig and I guess it’s back to the bed for me.



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