Day 4: I Lost a 10 Dollar Bill!

What the hell is wrong with me?! I came out of the room (finally) and I asked hubs if I could go get a coffee on the way to pick up Brandan (ManBoy -I’m tired of calling him that). Well, he gave a $10 to me. I put it on the seat with my phone and my cigs. I looked in my secret money slot and saw that I had $3 so I used that instead and I thought I put the $10 in my wallet but I didn’t. IT JUST MAGICALLY DISAPPEARED!!! After I got home Brandan and I looked all over for it. Good thing we were looking while hubs was still sleeping because I would hate telling him I lost a ten knowing he’s always preaching to me about money.

But still, I lost TEN dollars!!!

Oh well, enough crying over spilt milk, lost money,,,,,,,,, wahhhhh wahhhhh!!!

We came home and the neighbor across the street called us over. His pickup truck bed was piled high with fruits and vegetables (mostly organic). He told us take whatever we wanted. He said he ran the area food bank and this is everything leftover. We have an ice box full now. Squash, avocado, zucchini, mushrooms, spinach, lettuce, peppers, bananas, blueberries, tomatoes, oranges, banana… And more. I took as much as I knew my ice box could hold. He said every month he gets all of those extras and he will let me know. That’s kinda sweet!

So yeah, I came out of the room because I had to go pick Brandan up from Courtney’s house. I was trying to sleep later than 10 but stupid Jinx the cat wouldn’t STFU with his incessant meowing!! I swear I wanted to get up and toss him in the garage. I texted hubs and asked him to put him in the garage. He said he was on road call since 4am. When he got home he came in and then Jinx and Maxx rushed in with him. Hubs said he was going back to sleep on sofa and I said I was going pick up Brandan. That’s when I asked about the coffee.

Mini was still asleep. He was awake and in Brandan’s room playing Garden Warfare in his undies and eating his Blizzard when we came home. I wish I would’ve gotten a picture of it. I didn’t think to fast enough. lol

Boys are both in there right now. I’m surprised Brandan hasn’t kicked Remy (Mini) out yet. Maybe this is a rare day and it may flood or something. šŸ˜‰

I’m currently lying across my bed with two sleeping cats on my freaking back and I really can’t move and I would like to turn around and have a sip of my coffee. Damn! Where’s the Jedi force when I need it?!

At least I don’t need to cook tonight. There’s still fried chicken left over from last night and Remy’s chicken strips and fries and lots of other thing to eat.

I am totally confused with my days. I thought today was Monday and that my husband needed to work and Mini skipped school.

Tomorrow is Monday and Mini goes back to school tomorrow. It is going to be HARD as hell to get him to bed tonight and up in the morning after being off of school for more than two weeks. This I am not looking forward to. Have mercy on me lord.

Well, that’s my day so far. I’m in a so-so mood. Not happy/ not sad. Just blah.



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