Conquering the Sink!

Ta da!! I have conquered the sink and am claiming victory over Sink Parkway and all of it’s side streets!! I feel both super and silly!

I’m sitting here on the sofa trying to relax now. I turn the tv on and go to On Demand hoping to catch up on this week’s Freak Show and it is not available!! WHAAAAAAT?!? It’s available for HD but not for regular cable. What a tragedy! I feel like throwing the remote at the television. I have a perfect quiet time to watch this and it’s not available!! Fuck!

Hubs went to the range to go shoot the guns and I gave up a chance to go because I knew there was dishes to do. And now, since he’s not here and it’s quiet, I had a chance to watch tv for an hour. I’m so upset now. I don’t understand why it would only be available for HD. All of the other ones have both options available. Again, fuck!


So, like I said, the dishes are done, I’m sitting here in the quiet, and now what? I’m still in pajamas. Just sitting here drinking my coffee. I remember to take my meds at least. Damn! My Effexor went up in dosage and now the capsule is huge. It’s so long now. I think it’s at least an inch long. I’ve never seen a capsule so long before. I need a pill splitter for my Topamax. There’s no score line through the middle and I can’t snap it so I just bite it and I don’t bite it in the middle and it comes off in pieces and it tastes disgusting. I just texted hubs. He needs to stop for trash bags so I asked him to stop at Walgreens or CVS for the trash bags so he can get a splitter for me. I bet you anything he will pretend he didn’t read the text or he will say he already got the bags at Family Dollar or he will say he forgot. I’ll post back on it.

I guess that’s all I’ve got to say right now. I’m just so very bored. When I get like this I usually just take a nap. :/ But I don’t want to. I feel like getting in my car and driving. I wish I had money. I feel like spending money. Oh well!

Later! Don’t minds silliness!! I’m surprisingly still in a good mood! 🙂



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