Day 17: Whatcha Think About That!?

Hubs did not forget to get the pill splitter for me! Can you believe it?! I am so surprised. Honestly!! And he gave me a $20 bill! Whoo hoo!! Ah, it’s the little things! LOL

It seems like he took forever to get home. I think he was there for about 3 hours. He did stop at CVS on the way home and he also stopped to get Fried Chicken and fish and some crawfish pies from Brothers. Yum yum!! They totally obliterated the gumbo yesterday. That’s a compliment to the chef!!

I ate a little bit and then sat at the table with my coffee and watched hubs clean the guns. He had put the gun cleaning kit on his lap. You know that suitcase thingie that has all the little gadgets and brushes and sponges? Well, it fell off his lap and all over the floor! Do you know who cleaned it up?! That would be me! I didn’t have anything else to do. It took forever to figure out which little piece went into which slot. I’m sure I got quite a few wrong but I’m also sure that I don’t care. 😉

So remember hubs broke his phone and had to get another one last night, he seems to have lost all of his photos. But he has a Microsoft phone so they should be in the one drive and downloadable on his phone. It is pissing me off so much because I can see that there are pictures there but when I click on the icon it is blank. I am going to keep doing this until I figure it out. That’s for sure.

You know what? I wish I had some chocolate ice cream. I want it so badly I can taste it. I know. Very random!

I’m going screw with this phone some more. Later taters!



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