Day:19 Hello Monday!

That is how I feel today! One big FAIL!! I started one load of laundry and that’s all I really feel like doing so that is probably all I will do. I found a pair of Mini’s school pants on the dryer that is clean so I get away with another day to have to wash his uniforms. Procrastination rules! Hey, at least I took food out to defrost for dinner!! That’s a big plus right there! And I also remembered to take my meds as soon as I woke up! 🙂

I tried the Fitbit for my sleep last night! Boy, I sure was restless! Take a look!!


And I was up at 4:45am again for some reason. I went to the bathroom, smoked a cig, and went right back to bed. So strange that I always wake at that time. I do think this Fitbit is kinda cool though. I’m using the features except I’m not using the calorie counting or exercising because my eating is bad and hell, I don’t exercise. Maybe later on down the line I will get better at that.

I woke up around 10am. It’s a lazy day again. I tried to watch Freak Show and it is STILL not there!! I give up now! Now I missed a week. And I’m not getting Hulu again. I already have Netflix and Spotify for both Brandan and me coming out of my accounts. I don’t need another charge. I guess I will just have to stop watching if they don’t have any more updates. 😦

I’m hungry now but too lazy to go fix something. I’m just going to fix more coffee.

Nothing else. Update later. 🙂



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