Day 22: Parental Woes

What do you tell your child when they tell you they had sex? I’m sitting here and we were having a conversation and he said his girlfriend was 5 days late for her period. I said stop rooting around in her vagina. He laughed. I said it because he already told me that they had “experimented” with things before but he never told me that they had penetration. I asked him point blank and he answered me honestly and we talked in detail about it. I asked what did he do since there was no condom. I asked if he pulled out. He said yes. I asked if it happened more than once. He said no. He asked if I was going to tell his dad. I told him that I didn’t tell him all of the other stuff I knew about already and I definitely wasn’t telling him about this.

I need to buy him some condoms because if it happened once then I know it will happen again. I know he will be 18 in April and this is normal behavior for a boy his age but still, I’m not prepared for it. I’m not prepared for an “oops” baby. Courtney will be 17 next month and she’s only in 10th grade. She needs to finish school. She doesn’t need to get pregnant right now and all I can see is the negative in this. Maybe because I got pregnant young. I was 19 and out of school and engaged but I was still young.

Am I overreacting?? I don’t think so. I am glad that he is open enough to talk to me though. I’ll give him that much. Two years ago I had told him I wanted him to tell me everything when it happens and I wouldn’t get mad and I would offer support so I’m really happy he remembered that.

I’m just thinking so negatively.


4 thoughts on “Day 22: Parental Woes

  1. Thank you! 🙂 I try my hardest to be a good parent. I tell him I am a parent first but also a friend and i made him promise that he would tell me this type of stuff and also if there was ever any type of drug usage. He has been good at telling me. It is just hard realizing that my baby boy isn’t a baby anymore.

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