February 8: Sunday Funday? Nope!

Same as yesterday. Nothing really different than yesterday. Only thing added was that I went to Covington to pick Brandan up from the girlfriend’s house, stopped at Starbucks for me, and stopped at McDs for Mini. When I picked Brandan up we stopped at Taco Bell for him.

Hubs went to the range with my stepson. I did laundry because the stupid little asshole cat, Jinx, sprayed and pissed in Mini’s bed. This is the second time he’s pissed and sprayed in that room and I’m at a loss at what to do to get him to stop. The smell is horrible and I feel bad that Mini just is stuck in there playing in that smell. I bought some Lysol, some carpet spray, and some febreeze and it’s masking the smell but I can still smell it. I hate this cat and I wish I never would have brought him inside last year when I saw him. He’s been nothing but trouble. Jinx gets in Mini’s top bunk and leaves hair all up in there and I can’t stand him. I never had a cat that I have hated before but this one is it. I wish that he would get out and run away. I hate to say it but I do. Brandan decided from the beginning that jinx was his cat. I wish he would stay in his room and out of Mini’s.

I took my meds early and I’m ready to go to sleep right after mini goes to sleep. I do need to call my mama first. I texted her a little bit ago and she was out at Walmart. She said to call her before I go to bed.

Here’s my Fitbit for last night.

I slept pretty good. I woke up at 9 but went back to bed for an hour or more.

That’s my day.



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