February 18: Just Call Me a Slacker

Yep, I’ve been a big slacker here this week. Maybe it’s because Mini is off this week and my days are out of whack? I’m not exactly sure. But here I am now and I am going to try to remember this week. This will be hard to do given the fact that my memory sucks lately and I can’t even remember what I ate last night. Did I eat last night? I don’t even remember.

Okay, so I didn’t write Monday or Tuesday (yesterday). Monday, I don’t remember. Yesterday, was busy. I woke up and Mini and I went to see the Spongebob movie. That was horribly STUPID!!! The only thing that matters is that he loved it. $13 for tickets and $18 for snacks later, he loved it and was happy! Yippee?? Yeah, okay!

From there, we went to GameStop and I let him pick out his birthday presents a week early. I told him that if he got them all now that we would only have cake and ice cream on his actual birthday and his present from his dad and grandma. He said he didn’t care. So he got an Xbox game, a WiiU game, his own Xbox headset (so he doesn’t need to borrow his brother’s), and he got a Pokemon deck of cards. He was so happy walking out of the store holding the bag. He stopped me in mid walk to hug me and tell me he loves me and thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I almost tripped! He makes me so happy! He had a special day. Even though my bank account is now wiped out until the 27th, I am glad we spent the day together and that he was so happy. 🙂

Oh yeah, I remember one thing from Monday! I cooked spaghetti and meatballs for Mini!! That’s one of his favorites! I’ve never seen a child that could put away as many meatballs as this kid can!! And he’s a tall, skinny little thing! God, I love my Mini so much!! 🙂

So, I am trying to remember more from Monday but I just can’t. Nope, I can’t remember shit! I listened to some Deftones, A Perfect Circle, and some Tool, cooked spaghetti, and dicked around on facebook. That’s all I got for Monday.

Tuesday was as above. After hubs got home we both ate leftover spaghetti. Mini had leftover McDs from earlier when I bought him two McDoubles before we went to the theater (he had only ate one earlier). I sat with hubs awhile. He had Seinfeld on and that used to be one of my favorite tv shows so we watched three episodes and then I played musical chairs between the sofa with the hubs and Mini’s bed watching him play his game. I almost fell asleep in Mini’s bed because it’s so comfy. But he is so damned loud on that Xbox live. I have to tell him not to talk so loud and to move back from sitting so close to the tv. Oh the life of a gamer. This kid is only 9 (going to be next week). Well, I guess that’s the age that his brother started playing games too. I was obsessed with my Super Nintendo at that age so whatever! LOL

I am freezing cold right now!

I can’t feel my fingers and my nose and ears are frozen. The temp is not that bad outside and it is a beautiful day and I know that I shouldn’t complain because I could be stuck up North in the freezing cold and snow but this girl is COLD and my body and my fibromyalgia do NOT like cold!! Brrr

I also can’t feel my ass, my legs are my feet because of this.

IMG_3375Lately whenever I sit down they are both in my lap before you can blink your eye. My lap is the only place that is warm. I know they are comfy and all but I do really need to get up and use the bathroom and get some more coffee! Jinx is barely on my leg now. If I move my right leg anymore he is falling through the middle of them and I will get clawed to bits (I don’t clip their nails)!!! I really need them to GTFUp!!

I was pretty damned restless last night and I remember it too! I kept tossing and turning and I was cold. 267 minutes of restlessness! That’s way too much. Ugh!!


I have another pint of Ben and Jerry’s in the freezer. It’s another of my faves (Chocolate Therapy) and it is hidden in the back and I totally want it and I totally see myself bingeing on it tonight when everyone is asleep!! That’s pretty bad when you plan a binge in advance!! I can maybe start the binge now but…. No! Scratch that!! I’m too fucking cold for that!! Dammit!! I really want to eat my fucking ice cream!! I guess I will go eat spaghetti instead. Watch out cats!! Mama’s getting up!!

Until later…



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