Ugh…. I Sucked It Up

I sucked it up and skipped Winn Dixie. I went straight to Walmart!! I didn’t have a panic attack the FIRST time I was there. Yes, you read that correctly! The first time I was there! I had to go back and when I went back I had a mini panic attack.

The first trip I bought a 48 count box of Kcups and it was cool. It was Walmart brand and only $16 so I thought I would try them out. When I went in the kitchen I realized that I didn’t bring them inside. I went to the trunk to look and they weren’t in there either. I actually went out to the trunk like a dumbass three times. No Kcups. This is when I realized that I didn’t bring them home. I’ll get to the rest of this in a few minutes!!!

Before I went to Walmart I had already went to CVS and had already came back home. Guess what dumbass me did? I went in the 2nd line where the tube thingie is and when I pulled my med and receipt out I FORGOT TO TAKE MY CREDIT CARD OUT!!!! What a fucking jackass!!! I realized as soon as I pulled in my driveway and I noticed my wallet was still opened and my credit card slot was open. Man I cursed myself like there was no tomorrow. That’s when I went inside and calmed down and was going to make coffee. I was just going to call the bank and report the card missing and have them issue a new one in case the next person using the tube took it but luckily the pharmacy tech got it first and they called me while I was at Walmart’s customer service counter!! Seriously! What a day I am having!!!

I think all of this is what set off my panic attack and the waiting at Walmart exasperated it! So back to that story… I went BACK to Walmart and went right up to the counter. Thank god there was no one in line. If I had to wait any longer than I did I would have had a major panic attack. I showed the lady the receipt and told her that I didn’t received Kcups. She checked the log book and said no one turned anything in. She went and asked the cashier and she said she put it in the bag with the cookies. I told her there’s no way this box would’ve fit with the cookies because these were cookie cakes and I showed her how big they were with my hands and then I showed her how big the box was. So, she called security and had them run the register tape for the time I was in line. This is when I was having my panic attack because I was standing there for 40 minutes shuffling my feet and staring off into space and hearing my voices and hearing all of the customers come up to the counter. Then my vision went all wonky and blurry like everything was glassed over. Every time the phone rang I was hoping it was security so I could go grab a new box and leave. My feet were killing me and my back hurt from standing too long. Finally (again, after 40 minutes) security calls and tells the lady that the customer behind me took my bag. Well, DUH!!!! I told you I didn’t have it!!! She apologized for my wait and explained that once something reaches a certain dollar amount it needs to be reviewed by security first. I understood that. I had no problem with that but I was dying in there. I went and grabbed my box of Kcups, went back to customer service, grabbed a bag, said goodbye, listened to her say sorry for the wait time, and slowly walked to my car. I say slowly walked to my car because standing on my feet for so long was hell and when I walked to get the box off of the shelf my knees and ankles were cracking and my calves and shins started burning so much I could hardly lift my feet up. By the time I got to the exit I was dragging my feet. They hurt so much. I’m so very out of shape and this fibromyalgia sucks.

I stopped to pick up my credit card on my way home. Hopefully now nothing else goes wrong today. I’ve had enough for one day!!! I think it’s all Walmart’s fault!! If I just would’ve went to Winn Dixie as planned then I wouldn’t have had a shitty day!!



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