Yay!! Bingeing is Fun!!


I am in bed and with my eyes closed reach down for the bag of honey mustard pretzel pieces, open it, and proceed to eat half of the bag. I mindlessly open my nightstand drawer and look for a clip and clip the bag up. 

I take a sip of my drink, lie down for about five minutes and then I’m back digging on the floor again!  This time I grabbed a mini bag of dried strawberries (which is very very good) and mindlessly eat those up with my eyes closed just shoveling them in. 

I know it’s my own fault because I have food in my bedroom to begin with but I’m not strong enough to break the cycle up yet!

I took a laxative with my night meds the past two nights. I don’t know why. Old habits are coming back. :/

That’s it.  Now I’m going to try to go back to sleep. Goodnight. 


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